Ceramic Coating In Southern Oregon

If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint, glass and wheel surfaces from contaminants, acid etching, bird droppings, UV rays, brake dust, road salt, chemicals and signs of wear – the best thing you can do is get a hard as diamonds, ceramic coating applied in Southern Oregon from The Wash Buggy Auto Spa. A ceramic coating locks in that gorgeous shine and produces unmatched protection when compared to traditional waxes and sealants. When applied by our trained and certified auto detailing experts and properly maintained, your vehicle will benefit from the ultimate surface protection for many years to come.

Get Your Ceramic Coating in the Southern Oregon Area. Ceramic coatings are a sacrificial layer which is nearly hard as diamonds, acting as the first line of defense against elements and unwanted contaminants. It prevents oxidation, scratches, corrosion, and is extremely hydrophobic repelling water and dirt keeping your vehicle looking new – longer. Certified coating specialists at The Wash Buggy Auto Spa start by decontaminating and correcting (removing scratches and swirls) from your vehicle’s paint and then methodically apply layers of ceramic coating, creating a barrier against unwanted contaminants. 

Ceramic coatings also add a profound gloss (min 30% increase) and deep shine that makes your vehicle look better than when it rolled off the showroom floor! 
Our professionally applied coatings are easy to care for as well, making your vehicle easier to maintain and keep clean due to its extreme hydrophobic and 9H high hardness properties. With this high-end coating, you will spend less time washing your vehicle’s exterior and will need to wash less frequently. For the highest quality long-lasting ceramic coating protection, contact The Wash Buggy Auto Spa today!

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