Interior Detailing In Southern Oregon

Wash Buggy Auto Spa will clean every inch of your vehicle’s interior from the windows to the upholstery. Our trained technicians use the latest equipment and cleaning products that get into the nooks and crannies removing all the debris and stains thereby offering you the most pristine results. We don’t just clean, we disinfect and eliminate odors, restoring the interior of your vehicle that will reignite the initial connection you experienced, and so much more. Auto detailing isn’t just for your vehicle’s exterior, it’s for the interior too! Wash Buggy Auto Spa interior detailing services are exactly what you need to make the interior of your vehicle look more appealing, comfortable, sanitary and odor free.

Offering the Best Detailing in the Southern Oregon Area
When you drive your new vehicle away from the dealership, an amazing feeling comes over – then life happens. As time goes on, months of being on the go, to oops and uhos of food and beverages spilling over, to the bits of nature that get tracked in, before you know it, you are driving around in a trash can. All these factors contribute to unpleasant odors that even the best car air fresheners cannot battle. We remove all the dirt, debris and odors that accumulate over time so you can get your car back to the new again!

The Wash Buggy Auto Spa makes detailing easy. We take great pride in providing your vehicle’s interior detailing needs in the Medford, Central Point, and Jacksonville, Oregon area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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