Paint Correction In Southern Oregon

With time, your vehicle’s paint begins to fade and lose its shine and luster. Harsh environmental conditions, prolonged exposure to sunlight, dents, and scratches are the usual culprits. If left untreated, your vehicle’s paint will start oxidizing and will being to degrade. Do not let your vehicle suffer; invest in quality paint correction in the Southern Oregon area. Wash Buggy Auto Spa can correct your vehicle’s paint and restore its appearance.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Paint Sparkling for Longer with Wash Buggy Auto Spa 

Your vehicle’s paint can deteriorate due to a variety of reasons. These include automatic car washes, prolonged exposure to dirt and contaminants, inexperienced auto detailers and other corrosive substances. Filling in the scratches with waxes may make your vehicle look better, but it is not a long-term solution. Only an experienced auto detailer will know how to permanently fix the damage and make your vehicle’s paint shine like new again – The Wash Buggy Auto Spa is here to help!

We hand wash your vehicle and eliminate the embedded contaminants that ordinary car washes and detailers might miss. Next, our experienced and certified technicians buff away scrapes and scratches that tarnish your vehicle’s appearance. Then we polish your vehicle’s exterior to give it a showroom shine. Our experts top everything off with a single stage ceramic sealant to provide final, long term layer of protection against everyday wear and tear. We only use high-quality products, so you can expect long-lasting results day in and day out. Our paint correction is an effective and cost savings alternative to a new paint job in most cases. Call today or come by for a free paint correction estimate!

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